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Ardmore Inheritance is book # 4 in The Maggie Bainbridge Mysteries and I wish I had begun reading them in order. One can perfectly read this as stand-alone but there are things in a series like history between friends and the growth of a relationship that we miss to catch on if read out of order. Maggie and Jimmy’s relationship was filled with so much warmth and a spark of attraction between Maggie and Frank that is yet to be developed are details that would have been more enjoyable by understanding how the Stewart brothers came into Maggie’s life.

The murder-suicide mystery of the father-son duo of Ardmore estate was brilliant, the plotting of the crime so convoluted with a hacker adding to the chaos. There’s also a cold case that Frank is investigating which is entangled within the main mystery that somehow has its thread connected to the inquiries undertaken by Maggie and Jimmy.

I simply loved the character of Frank who keeps waiting for an opportune moment to ask Maggie out but the moment never seems to happen and his entire personality of showing kindness to his juniors was remarkable. It was also charming to see his reaction to anything related to the cyber world when explained by Eleanor. Ardmore twins and their relationship is another factor that raises the tempo in this fascinating tale of greed, jealousy, messy relationships, and murder. I did guess one twist in the story but I was keen to see how the author manages to unscramble the jigsaw puzzle that had its threads more tightly woven than a spider’s web.

If it wasn’t for the countless number of ARC commitments, I would have gone on a binge reading of the entire series as this one felt tailor-made for me, with all the tingles that I absolutely love.

Looking forward to more adventures from Maggie and the Stewart brothers with Eleanor and her hacking skills.

When former Naval Commodore Roderick Macallan dies in tragic circumstances, his multi-million pound Scottish country estate is destined to pass to his next of kin. Only trouble is, his next of kin are his twin daughters, the beautiful social media stars Pixie and Posy, and each is claiming that they the elder. Tasked with sorting out the unholy mess are barrister turned private-eye Maggie Bainbridge and her faithful ex-army assistant Jimmy Stewart.
Meanwhile DI Frank Stewart’s little cold-case department has gone viral, with cases piling in from across the UK. Including an outrageous miscarriage of justice that leads all the way to the top of the Police Scotland organisation.
As Maggie, Jimmy and Frank struggle to unravel the complex web of intrigue, all roads lead to the sleepy little Highland village of Lochmorehead, the childhood home of Jimmy’s beautiful estranged wife Flora. Where death lurks around every corner.

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