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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Have you seen colorful marble balls that children use to play and how the rainbow colors in these balls seem to reflect different colors when light falls on them? That’s what this story is about!

Till about 30% of the book, I couldn’t make head or tail of what in the world was going on? There is some sort of letters that are written, then there’s the current story of Nadja who has a severe case of anxiety and is on medication talking about standing on a cliff but she is inside a store, there is another girl called Nelly a few years in the past, running an inn and in love with a married man, Tabea, a lawyer assigned to the married man, then the boss in the law firm Gero Van Hoven married to Laura, and Nadja who once considered Laura to be her friend and is ready to do anything for her, honestly, that first 30% made me dizzy.

There were so many different threads running thru the story but after the first part, the tale just begins to untangle and became so compelling and I had to literally devour it one sitting. BRAVO, Romy Hausmann, and more fool me; expecting a thriller like DEAR CHILD which still gives me nightmares by the way, but this one is intricate layering at best with the kind of devious storytelling that had me glued to my kindle. The spider web is intriguing and it was amazing to see the varied threads forming a cohesive plot at the end. It was simply a stunning journey unraveling the twisty story but once the truth gets revealed, the ending fell a little flat for me. Again, I think it was my expectation that played the spoilsport but I did expect a resounding finale.

Nevertheless, Sleepless is an addictive crime thriller littered with bread crumbs that is hard to pick one, from the author of the hugely successful Dear Child.

4.5 stars!


It’s over, my angel. Today I’m going to die. Just like her. He’s won.

It’s been years since Nadja Kulka was convicted of a cruel crime. After being released from prison, she’s wanted nothing more than to live a normal life: nice flat, steady job, even a few friends. But when one of those friends, Laura von Hoven – free-spirited beauty and wife of Nadja’s boss – kills her lover and begs Nadja for her help, Nadja can’t seem to be able to refuse.

The two women make for a remote house in the woods, the perfect place to bury a body. But their plan quickly falls apart and Nadja finds herself outplayed, a pawn in a bizarre game in which she is both the perfect victim and the perfect murderer . . .

Dark secrets past and present collide in this haunting novel of guilt and retribution from the internationally bestselling author of Dear Child.



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