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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Gift by Alison Gaylin is part of Amazon’s HUSH collection of stories.

A mother’s worst nightmare comes true in this expertly plotted thriller. Lyla, a popular actress discovers that her daughter is missing but the nightmare is just beginning as Lyla is forced to look into the mirror of her life by a psychic.

Short and crafty, the tale becomes dark and intense quickly and also as expected in a novella, ends quite abruptly.

Heart-thumping 4 stars.

A #KindleUnmilited selection.

What’s a desperate mother to do when her child suddenly disappears? Anything it takes to keep the family together in USA Today bestselling author Alison Gaylin’s short story with a sting.

It’s dreaded news for actress Lyla McCord and her husband, Nolan. Their eight-year-old daughter has vanished. To find her, Nolan reaches out to a psychic gifted with uncanny visions about the lost girl. But Lyla thinks she sees right through him. Is he a con artist or the real thing? Either way, he might be telling the truth. And that’s too frightening for Lyla to bear.

Alison Gaylin’s The Gift is part of Hush, a collection of six stories, ranging from political mysteries to psychological thrillers, in which deception can be a matter of life and death. Each piece can be read or listened to in one truly chilling sitting.

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