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Having read a variety of fantasy novels, I have to say this, this is my first book with a UNICORN QUEEN, and what a charmingly sweet book this turned out to be.

That beautiful cover image drew me to the book, but I absolutely loved 17-year-old Tessa’s journey. Set in the fantasy world of unicorns, gods, demons, pixies, and what not, Winged is also a coming-of-age story of Tessa and the discovery of her true self.

Tessa is suffering from constant blackouts and insomnia. Plagued by dreams which make no sense, her life takes a new turn with the arrival of musician Cyrus Burns. Attic cleaning leads to the discovery of an old grimoire and an amulet, Tessa then begins to piece together her truth and destiny. But the roads to discovery are not easy as she faces danger at each corner and hidden truths about Edric and Cyrus come to the fore.

The setting of the fantasy novel is fantastic, Tir Na Nog comes alive with the vivid description by the author but what I loved the most is the character of Tessa. She is an immortal unicorn queen but it was hilarious to see the teenage human surfacing at all times trying to come to terms with her newfound power and those inner monologues were refreshing. The romantic triangle provides the necessary angst especially with the added tension of both Edric and Cyrus keeping things to themselves in the name of love.

The tale flows along beautifully with the kind of immersive storytelling that it was hard for me to land back into the real world. The thread of the plot is in a similar vein to many others but the author’s magical descriptions are thoroughly delightful. The ending did leave me a little confused, but probably there’s a series in the making, and I look forward to reading it.

Bewitched 4 stars 💦 💦 💦 💦

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Seventeen-year-old Tessa O’Sullivan has no idea magic exists. She figures she’s having a rough year plagued with black-outs, memory loss, and sleep deprivation. She doesn’t know her true self is bound in human form because the ancients punished her for defying them or that she ticked off a god who’s bent on destroying her.

When Tessa’s family disappears, she’s thrust into a world of magic and deadly curses with two boys. Musician Cyrus Burns may be her soulmate, or a thief sent to destroy her with a kiss. And Cyrus’s enemy Edric is a family friend, who also happens to be a powerful Elven King. He’s Tessa’s former lover from a past life and wants to keep her safe, even at the expense of her freedom.

Trusting either of them is impossible when they’re both keeping dangerous secrets. If Tessa doesn’t save her family, they’ll be lost forever, and she’ll be pulled, hooves kicking, into the underworld for all eternity. She’s about to learn as an immortal unicorn queen, there are some fates worse than death. 

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