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The Forget-Me-Knot by Denise Liebig is a romance story with elements of suspense and ghostly elements coming into play. I am a huge fan of this genre and the reason why I literally seek out books that have ghostly romances.

Natalie Lane is a therapist who is very comfortable in giving advice to her patients and finds contentment in helping them move on in life while having the trouble of using the same techniques in overcoming her grief of her father’s death. When a bizarre encounter with a ghost has her questioning her sanity, she decides on a long-planned vacation to England, but there are more surprises in store for her as she realizes the extent of the obsession and love that has been in the running for centuries.

Past life, reincarnation, revenge, obsession, love there are quite a lot of things that make this story interesting. the romantic triangle with Natalie, Frank, and Theo offers the angst and spice with Natalie unable to untangle her emotional connection to the ghostly Frank. However, the ending of the story was unexpected, for a ghost who has been hell-bent on getting the love of his life, that ending sort of fizzled out without the fireworks that I had expected. There’s also the character sketch of Natalie that had its up and downs. There are places where she is strong and sensible enough to get to the bottom of her past but parts of the story had me rolling my eyes with her naivety and impulsiveness exhibited.

A lovely and pleasurable read with some exciting moments Forget Me Knot is recommended to fans who love ghosts and supernatural segments in romance.

3.5 stars 💦 💦 💦 💧

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When a beloved heirloom bridges the past with the present, can a young woman bury her dead to build a future with the living?

Portland, Oregon, 2018

Natalie Lane has never been in love. Twelve years after her father’s premature passing, she’s still caring for her heartbroken mother. Determined to avoid a similar future, Natalie focuses on her therapy practice instead of romance. But when a man claiming to be a ghost enters her office, a man only she can see, she realizes that her overworked mind might need a rest.

Fearing a nervous breakdown, Natalie goes on sabbatical to England, leaving everything behind except her cherished Celtic trinity-knot pendant… her forget-me knot. Before she can relax, however, the man appears again, stalking her throughout the British Isles.

And her problems only mount when a visit to a local pub reveals an eerie connection to a former life and love. The more she learns about her past, and her necklace’s link to it, the more Natalie’s much-needed vacation turns into a journey of self discovery that threatens her very soul.

Can the forget-me knot’s secret help Natalie leave her past behind so she can finally find true love?

The Forget-Me Knot is a captivating standalone supernatural novel. If you like paranormal ghost romances with a time travel twist, historical fantasy, and stories drawn from real past-life experiences, you’ll enjoy this enlightening tale.

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