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The boxed set of Under Glass and Stone has both the books; Book #1 Under Glass and Stone and Book #2 Doors of Gold and Rust, and I have to say this, the boxed set cover image is superb and attractive.

I am reviewing both the books separately so here’s the review of Doors Of Gold And Rust

And A N Willis does it again. An exhilarating sequel to book 1, Evelyn and Alex continue their journey in Doors of Gold and Rust, 4 months after wrapping up the events in book 1.

If book 1 had me thinking it could have had a more adrenaline-fuelled climax, Doors of Gold and Rust had me wishing exactly the opposite. Phew, I had to force myself to stop and give my galloping heart a breather before I could resume reading after a certain chapter in the book. The fantasy element surrounding the crystal and the serum continue to hold sway over Evelyn and the absence of Alex during her recovery is forcing her to rely on Jake. Well, sharing a near-death experience is sure to leave traces of affinity to that person even if that said person was an enemy. Hence, the romance between Alex and Evelyn suffers from jealousy and lack of trust and the problems faced by them seem insurmountable with decisions being taken by the adults in their life without concern for what they want.

Evelyn and Alex have more disastrous incidents to circumvent before they stay true to themselves and as more mysteries are unearthed from the grounds of Byrne House, they do have their work cut out. The danger that is hidden behind the door of gold and Danielle’s crazy scheming to get to it at whatever cost offers the reader yet another thrilling ride. I loved how the author has shown a deeper relationship between Evelyn and her mother Viv, unlike the first book. There’s more communication and openness between the two of them. Alex’s character is once again the highlight of this story for me, as he battles his possessiveness and overpowering love for Evelyn to give her space and just be there for her.

If there’s one thing that I wished to be in this book, it would be that I wanted Danielle to somehow be held responsible for her actions, but seeing Walter’s creation and realizing the irony of it all was probably enough.

Book 1 and 2 can be read as stand-alone but I strongly advise readers to read them as a duology. The relationships and the character sketch and the history of Byrne house can truly be enjoyed if read in order.

Fascinating 5 stars again ☔☔☔☔☔

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It’s been four months since Evelyn Ashwood escaped from the tunnels beneath Byrne House, and nothing about her life is the same. Alex Evans still hasn’t returned to Castle Heights. She’s spending more time with Jake—her former enemy—whose macabre sense of humor conceals a darker affliction. And she’s plagued by disturbing visions of the past that she cannot control, much less explain.

When Evelyn is forced to return to Byrne House, she discovers another murder in the mansion’s history. The victim is someone with close ties to her family, someone who supposedly left Castle Heights years ago. As Evelyn tries to uncover what really happened, she must face not only her family’s true history, but the darkest truth about Byrne House itself. Because the mansion hasn’t yet given up all of its secrets…In a long-forgotten room underground, something lies in wait. All Evelyn has to do is open the door. 

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