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I have no idea what particular category I was searching for but this was added to my TBR and now after reading this I have half a mind to read every other published work by author Elizabeth Bailey.

I absolutely loved this historical romance which of course feels like many others in this genre but is exceedingly well-written and charming by its own merit.

Theda was an exceptional character, her vivacity and self-deprecating humor ready to face any adversity in the world, was endearing. Benedict Beckenham meets Theda by chance, but fate brings her to his godmother as a companion, but the cold and hot approach and his nasty habit of being fascinated and pushing her away were beyond sickening. The gothic setting of the story provides a spooky vibe to the tale and none of the characters evoke any warmth. The banter between Theda and Benedict with Theda refusing to cede even an inch was witty and scintillating, keeping me entertained throughout.

Hidden Flame was particularly a pleasure to read with elements of suspense woven beautifully with romance and the title is unquestionably perfect for this story. Yes, you have to read the book to understand why, even though the hero was like no other hero I have ever read in other books in this genre.

A powerful historical love story! Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

Could a chance meeting lead to happily ever after…?

1795, England

A cold and stormy March night forces two strangers to take shelter in the same inn.

Benedict Beckenham is immediately captivated by Theda – a beguiling young woman who appears to be in distressed circumstances.

When Theda’s new position as a companion to the wealthy but ailing Lady Merchiston throws her and Benedict together again, the attraction between them in undeniable.

But Theda has been burned in love before and is wary of opening her heart.

And Benedict is hiding secrets of his own.

Will Theda reveal the truth about her past? Is Benedict really who he seems?

And can the hidden flame of love triumph?

is an authentic Georgian historical romance with a lively heroine at its heart.

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