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Saving Danger, book #17 in the Red Stone Security Series is a romantic suspense story that is perfectly good to be read as a stand-alone.

I have always felt that finding the right balance of romance and suspense in a story is a difficult task to achieve and there are only a handful of authors who manage to do it exceptionally. This is my first book by Katie Reus and I feel a terrible loss for not having read any previous work by this author. It was especially commendable that the heroine Ivy, is not a damsel in a distress to be rescued by the macho hero but she’s strong and capable of handling the difficulties arising out of her job. Also admirable is the fact that the hero is not so obnoxious with all that over-jealous, overprotective machoism on display. Nash is lovable with the ideal combination of assertiveness and possessiveness without it becoming aggressive.

The suspense that drives the story is thrilling with parts of the story from the thieves’ POV. I loved the addition of Juan’s love story too as his presence in the tale brought out the lighter moments. The hilarious situations involving Ivy’s family were so cute and had me laughing out loud. The warmth of the sibling relationship definitely comes across but those scenes between Nash and Ivy faking a relationship had me sighing in pure bliss.

A fast-paced story with an equal measure of romance and suspense keeping the reader thoroughly entertained, I would recommend Saving Danger to all fans of this genre.

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To maintain her cover and keep her family off her back, they fake a relationship.

Having spent her whole life trying to prove she’s just as capable as her three older brothers, art retrieval expert Ivy Danger has landed the biggest gig of her career, one that will pay off the mortgage of the animal shelter she owns. That is, if she doesn’t die before finishing the job. Even if she locates the stolen art, the violent gang of thieves won’t give up their million-dollar payday without a fight. She has one person she can turn to for help—Nash Harris. Security expert, her brother’s best friend…and the gorgeous man of her fantasies who treats her like a kid sister. Not that she’d do anything about her attraction anyway—not when it would screw up her family dynamic if things went sideways between them.

Now it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Despite having known Ivy forever, “brotherly” is the last thing Nash feels for the sexy troublemaker. She’s it for him. The One. He’s known it for a while…but convincing Ivy is another matter. When they have to fake a relationship for her current job, things shift between them. They’ve worked together before, but she’s in over her head with this latest job. But before anything can come of it, he’ll have to keep her alive when she’s targeted by a dangerous group known for violent retaliation. Nash will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, to prove she can trust him—on the job, with her life, and with her heart.

Red Stone Security Series, #17
Author note: all books in this series may be read as stand-alones, complete with HEA. 

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