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A short story by Jeffrey Deaver, Cause of Death is akin to car vrooming and zooming at a breakneck speed at the end after having maintained a slow and steady pace for almost 100kms. The end is as explosive as it could get with a sudden twist of plot that I had no way of foreseeing, coz the author very nicely manages to weave the reader’s attention to various other sub-plots rather than that climax. Well, no surprise there, it is Jeffrey Deaver and he surely knows to create a gripping story.

A simple road accident is what led to Jon Talbot’s wife’s death. But the sight of the accident reveals more than what Jon had bargained for and he is forced to use his skills as a historian in unearthing the secrets hidden by his wife. It is admirable that the author provides a peculiar narrative to the protagonist and the fact that he comes across as cold and unaffected by the death of his wife was so brilliantly conveyed. There’s a sense of detachment that is clearly evident to the reader.

A story that is guaranteed to give a jolt to your senses, Cause of Death is a must-read for fans of mysteries.

New York Times bestselling master of suspense Jeffery Deaver unveils the secrets of a marriage when a husband decides to investigate his wife’s death in this gripping short story.

Jon Talbot is a history professor who makes sense of the past by examining facts. He also knows how to speculate about the what-ifs. Jon’s doing both following the death of his wife, Pax. Driving home late from a volunteer assignment, she plunged off a mountain highway and died. The police find nothing suspicious about the facts: a deer in the road, a blown tire, a broken neck. But the what-ifs are leading Jon down a twisting trail of secrets. After five years of marriage, he is finally getting to know his wife.

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