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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

NOVIS INIITIS meaning new beginnings captures an age of high emotions and intense feelings of five friends Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra, and Edi as an acronym of “TRUCE”

The author introduces each character with a backstory. Each of them has one or more setbacks in life and has issues struggling through it. At the age of 19 when life should have been all honey and roses, they learn that anything can happen at a moment’s notice to crumble their world around them. Tiya has suffered the backstabbing and treachery of a best friend, Ron looks to abolish his loneliness thru meaningless friendships, Uday is suffering a muscular disease, Cayra is the Rapunzel in the gilded cage, and Edi is the hapless orphan. TRUCE is the story of these individuals finding each other and thereby finding the greatest gift accorded to man, that of a genuine friendship.

The beautiful tale showcases the difficulties faced by them and how the support and love of friends can even save a dying man as they progress thru their lives making a mark in their respective chosen fields, rekindling love, and discovering new relationships. The story is of course not a new concept, but what I loved is the way it has been presented; introducing the protagonists, giving a backstory, and an insurmountable problem, the chance meetings that lead to the circle, and how they offer a lending hand to each other in matters of crisis. TRUCE NOVIS INITIIS thus offers teenagers a hopeful outlook towards life which is inspiring.

The author Risha Chaurasia is only 14 years old and it is an incredible achievement to have published her 2nd book at such a young age. For that fact alone, TRUCE deserves all the accolades. I do definitely, believe that in years to come, she is going to hone her skills to perfection and write even more admirably. TRUCE certainly has areas of improvement like age categorization. The characters are shown as 19 years old but as for me, all of them came across as young teenagers in the age group of 14-15. Some of the reactions are more suited to that age group rather than a college-going 19 year old. There is also the usage of “cyber abbreviations” or what we usually refer to as “internet slang” in the story. The most common “LOL” or ROFL are I think accepted but having “IK”, “IDC” etc in a novel hamper the reading experience as they give off a chat vibe.

Heart-warming 3.5 stars💦 💦 💦 💧

Many thanks to the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Truce explores the themes of friendship, love and self-discovery in a fun way. The story revolves around 5 protagonists-Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra and Edi, with each one of them facing their own challenges.

The story takes you through their journey of tackling their problems and blooming into confident young adults. But, they don’t do this alone. They do this through the power of friendship and relationships.

The story beautifully portrays the reality of today’s youth and provides a fresh perspective to the reader.

It’s all about finding the right people at the right time!

Risha Chaurasia is an Indian teen author and blogger.

She wrote her first book “Tales of Twinkling Tweens” at the age of 11 which revolved around the life of a tween and the turbulent issues surrounding them. The book was applauded and appreciated by her readers.

Since then she has evolved as a teen author writing fiction for teens and young adults. She’s a voracious reader, explorer and activist running a blog on Instagram called Straight From My Pen.

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