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Look at the cover image on the book and tell me if you can begin reading without expecting horror, but Lee Allen Howard throws a perfect googly with his Death Perception. The story about a young man brought up in an unusual circumstance developing psychic powers is unexpectedly a bittersweet one.

Kennet Singleton goes about life trying to do the right thing without causing much fuss. His upbringing amongst the elderly care patients is itself an oddity and seeing him trying to navigate life after the death of his mother created an ache in the heart. His peculiarity doesn’t end there, to be working as an operator in the cemetery earns him the nickname Dr. Death but he has no problems with it as he believes that even the dead need to be cared for well but his habit of toasting marshmallows over their ashes, OH GOD, that had me queasy.

Lee Allen Howard’s Death Perception is all about perception, there are multiple plotlines, on one hand, there is Mr. Grinold, the funeral director focused on his business and his reputation which creates a horde of problems, on the other, there’s Ms. Costa the care homeowner whose sole intention is to earn enough to live independently without a man, for which she decides to take matters into her own two greedy hands, there is Alex, the helper in the care home who is growing drugs inside his house, then, of course, Kennet and his open and kind heart trying to see the good in all and the psychic visions that give him more truths than what he bargained for.

“Despite what life dished out, everyone had a choice. You could choose to react poorly, or you could endeavor to rise above. Either way, you were responsible for your actions.”

Death Perception, Lee Allen Howard

The murders, the suspense, the ghosts everything comes together in this excellent tale of greed and needs with well fleshed out characters. The author’s writing is so effortless that for a time one forgets the subject matter of death and cemetery. The story brims with underlying dark humor that provides a kind of quirky fun in a tale of murders and mayhem. This is my first book by the author and I find it admirable that he has mixed a number of genres to provide a very endearing story. The murders and horror and the crazy turn in the story apart, this is also a coming of age for Kennet who learns to accept the gift for what it is and vows to protect his loved ones.

Do not expect an action-packed chill down the spine horror, this novel is nothing like that, in fact, the straight narration leaves the reader with a twinge of sympathy for Kennet rather than any feeling of fear.

If you love books with horror and humor in equal measures, then Death perception is just the perfect book for you. Highly recommended!

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Nineteen-year-old Kennet Singleton lives with his invalid mother in a personal care facility, but he wants out. He operates the crematory at the local funeral home, where he discovers he can discern the cause of death of those he cremates—by toasting marshmallows over their ashes.

He thinks his ability is no big deal since his customers are already dead. But when his perception differs from what’s on the death certificate, he finds himself in the midst of murderers. To save the residents and avenge the dead, Kennet must bring the killers to justice.

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