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Honestly, I fell in love with the book cover and the title of the book.

The blurb had me expecting an adventure story with the search of crystals and protection of veil, but Another Beast’s Skin had so much more to offer. Part 1 is focussed on the realization of Neysa’s truth in a small village called Barlowe Combe, Part 2 takes the reader into Aoifsing, the fae realm, and Part 3 again back to the human world, with the search of stones spread out across all 3 parts whilst also taking the reader trapezing across a lot of countries.

Neysa has been training with swords and knives all her life without knowing the reason why. Once the twins, Silas and Corra with their cousin Caderyn helps Neysa in understanding the fae world, she commits herself to fight for their cause of the fae.

There’s so much to love in this story, the fae world, and its description, the relationship between Cade and his cousins which felt warm and loving, Reynard who at times feel like a slimy villain, but is a character which grows on you, the deep friendship between Neysa and Corra and the love she feels for Silas each part induces a cuddly feeling.

I have read quite a lot of fantasy novels, though stories with the world of fae have been in a lesser number. This should have been an exciting read for me considering the subject but there is so much going on in the story that I lost interest in certain parts. The main plot focussed on Neysa coming to terms with her identity was excellent but then the plots having the council elders and the travails faced by Neysa in Aoifsing, the search of the stones everything became a lot of information to process thru. The love between Neysa and Cade develops well but again there’s a spark missing in their relationship. It could be me, but just couldn’t connect to the character of Neysa, who is a 35-year-old divorcee but at many points of the story, there’s an immaturity to her decisions.

I am probably reading a lot of fantasy novels and the reason why instead of a fantastic experience, the story felt good but failed to engage me completely. But if you are a fan of a fantasy world with the fae, then this book should definitely interest you.

Many thanks to Net Galley, Gen Z Publishing, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

When Neysa, a market trader from Los Angeles, rents a cottage on the coast of England, she would never have imagined the secrets she would uncover and a new world beyond this one.

In befriending a family in town, Neysa learns that they are emissaries from a fae realm, charged with keeping guard of the volatile Veil between realms. And the four crystals that kept the Veil secure have gone missing.

In a race to protect the realms, Neysa must learn about the new world she’s been thrust into and uncover the secrets in her blood. Luckily fae guardian Caderyn and his cousin are willing to help Neysa in her quest. But even if they can get the crystals back, there may be great consequences for the future of the fae realm.

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