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Vinod Balan’s When You Start Seeing It is a collection of 8 short stories with supernatural elements. This is my 3rd book by the author and the different genres he has attempted so far are by themselves laudable. When You Start Seeing It explores the supernatural elements thru different incidents but what was fascinating was the author’s sometimes subtle sometimes straightforward look into the possibilities that the human mind conjures for unexplained events.

Like his previous books, some stories have been developed around a particular quote and even when the rational mind offers an explanation, the scaredy-cat in me was chilled with a couple of them. It is most often the case in horror stories that the setting of the place be it a haunted house or graveyard builds the eerie atmosphere but short stories are at a disadvantage in this that the setting of the incident is probably just a line or two but even then here the author successfully manages to shock the reader in few of them.

A Familiar Voice and The Graveyard were the best for me out of the lot and An Open Mind, gory but I would have loved to have a more exciting and frightening revelation in this story rather than how it was all explained out.

For the spooky season, if you are on the lookout for quick reads in the supernatural and mystery genre, then When You Start Seeing It would fit the bill.

Many thanks to the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

This book is an anthology of 8 Thriller stories blended with Supernatural elements. Each story may have a different plot, different characters, different events, different places, etc., but every story tries to highlight the same point:

When a suspicious or unnatural event occurs, something which does not have a practical explanation, then there are 2 ways of looking at it. Either believe it to be something supernatural, or look at it as a figment of one’s imagination. An imagination conceived out of a scared mind.

Something that seems supernatural, may actually be something that has a practical explanation.

Something that seems normal, may actually be something that is supernatural, something which is way beyond our practical thinking.

The book comprises the following stories:

1. A Familiar Voice
2. The Graveyard
3. Cursed
4. An Open Mind
5. Shadows
6. Karma
7. Refusal
8. The Sinner

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