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Where do I start to describe this book?

Humor and romance on one side and revolting horror on the other side, the author’s writing was utterly absorbing that the pages flew thru my hands.

David Easton is having one last hurrah before he ends his life and thus his transatlantic journey on the luxury liner SS OCEANIS as a first-class passenger. His meticulous research has led him to believe that drowning is the way to go but what do they say about all best-laid plans? Diana Olson walks into his life and then, of course, the reasons for his suicide don’t seem to exist anymore.

It was a once in lifetime phenomenon watching a gigantic wave but the fog that enshrouds OCEANIS was unearthly and for the people in the ship the horror show, just beginning. As David and Diana with a whole host of fantastic secondary characters try to grasp the reality of their predicament, little do they know that the real horror is not even tangible.

The harrowing and chilling atmosphere created by the author evokes claustrophobia, and I had to rush along with David and Diana to know how it is all gonna end. As the suspense keeps building, the author springs up an unexpected twisty surprise at the end that was stunning.

Honestly, I can manage all sorts of horror with ghosts, demons, or even creatures but God help me, LINER raised goosebumps with a feeling of something crawling under my skin.

This is one of those books that would be perfect for the big screen as the lead characters scamper from one problem after another, Chris Coppel brings alive the drama excellently so much that the reader’s imagination runs amok! Interspersed with laugh-out-loud humor, David and Diana make this journey one of the best even when engulfed with a green algae type thingy, and of course with the dead literally vanishing in front of their eyes or should I say devoured, what can one expect?

There’s much happening aboard OCEANIS, but are you ready for the thrill ride?
Climb aboard this ship at your own peril!

Many thanks to BlackThorn Book Tours and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

David Easton believed his life was in complete ruins. He managed to scrape together just enough money for a one-way ticket on the fabulous Oceanis. It was the most luxurious liner afloat and he planned to revel in all its opulent pleasures until in the middle of the Atlantic crossing – he would leap from the fantail, thus ending his pain and misery. The problem was that he never dreamt that while counting down the hours until his death, he would meet Diana.

Despite her traveling with her overly protective parents who hoped to introduce her to a suitable husband while onboard, they managed to find each other. As their affections grew, strange things began happening on the ship. At first, it was just mental images and dreams, but as the days passed their very reality began to bend beyond anything their minds could have imagined.

Together they had to find out what was happening to the Oceanis and how they could find a way to save the great liner and all those aboard her.

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  1. Sounds like something I would NOT want to read right before bed! Thanks for the review – the book does sound like a contender for a TV show or a movie!

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