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Dawn Merriman’s Message in the Bones is book # 1 in the Messages of Murder Series.

Gabby is a psychic who is labeled a freak in the small town community she lives in. Not many people believe her ability to see things but when a long-buried skeleton is unearthed, the local police have no choice but to ask for her help.

I love stories with psychic elements and I understand why this was popping up as a must-read recommendation in Kindle Unlimited. However, the story worked only in parts for me. The visions, Gabby’s trauma after having those visions, the small-town attitude of ridicule, these parts were interesting. The warmth of the relationship between Gabby and her grandmother and the cold and distant relationship with her brother has been explored well but I do wish the author had provided a little more depth into the working of the local police. The police are made to look like fools and the situations where they are involved purely add only a backdrop for Gabby’s visons to work. The ending was thrilling thou, so in all, it was an easy enjoyable read but not too engrossing.

There are hints about Gabby’s past that sound exciting, so I would definitely check out further books in the series.

Long-buried bones, psychic visions, a tattoo with messages from above, and a clown-masked murderer chasing through a corn maze. Will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word!
Freak is a nasty word, but many people in this small town have no trouble calling me a freak, or worse. It’s not my fault I awoke with the ability to “sense” things after I was nearly killed and my father was murdered. Touching certain items often gives me visions, sometimes horrifying ones. Most people here are afraid of that kind of thing.
Especially my brother, Dustin. As head detective of the River Bend police department, he’d rather pretend I don’t exist than believe in my gift. The long-buried bones of a murder victim force him to ask me for help. I should have know better. I should have stayed comfortable and safe hiding from the world.
No one believes me anyway. Only one man believes the messages I got from the bones. The killer. And now he hunts me.

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    1. Well, it has a psychic heroine, but I did have issues with the arc of all the other characters. Maybe the other books in the series would be an improvement.🤞

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