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The subject matter would probably gross out many, cousins marrying cousins is not very digestible. This was first published in 1997 and in all honesty, I admire Linda Howard in writing suspense with such taboo subjects and make it so compelling.

If you ignore the relative’s aspect of the story, this has a well-crafted plot of a family with all kinds of quibbles and craziness involved. What was exciting for me was the character of Roanna, she was beautiful inside out. There are many romances out there where the heroines refuse to show their vulnerability to the douchebag hero, but Roanna very calmly states that she has no pride when it comes to Webb and a flick of a finger would make her go running to him. It was a lovely part that showed her honesty but even in admitting that, Roanna rises herself with dignity and shows Webb that she’s definitely no doormat and has her own quiet and subtle ways to do things.

For a book that has been published almost 24 years ago, it was entertaining and enjoyable with a dash of suspense for the happily ever after.

Roanna Davenport was raised a wealthy orphan on her grandmother’s magnificent Alabama estate, Davencourt, where she had a passion for horses, a genius for trouble, and a deep love for her cousin, Webb. But everyone expected Webb to marry their ravishing cousin, Jessie. When he did, Roanna’s desire became no more than the stuff of dreams — until the night Jessie was found bludgeoned to death.
After the shocking murder of his wife, Webb left for Arizona, abandoning the legacy that he had once believed was all he wanted. But then an all-grown-up Roanna walked into a dingy bar in Nogales to bring him home; the mischievous sprite he had known ten years earlier was no more. Gone, too, was her fire. In its place was ice that melted at his touch. Webb is drawn back to Davencourt, to Roanna, and to the killer that once destroyed his life and waits only for the chance to finish the job….

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