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Jade Roberts is a modern girl with an anger management problem, and nothing makes her more mad than turning up dead. Julian Pendell is a Victorian-era ghost who wants to be left in peace. When Jade enlists Julian’s aid to help solve her murder, he reluctantly agrees, if only to hasten her departure. But as Julian acquaints Jade with existence outside the living world, she in turn shows him some of what he’s been missing. And, as their investigations continue, they discover they may have more in common than they realized.

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Book Review

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I don’t really remember why this was in my TBR, probably coz there’s a ghost in the title which is usually enough to lure me in, but boy, am I glad that when really short of time to dedicate to the pending ARC’s I picked this one up from Kindle Unlimited.

The cemetery of Marshley Park is quite busy, oopsie, Victorian era ghost Julian is irked to find a half dressed girl reposing on his grave, and if that didn’t spoil his mood, the discovery she is murdered and left there definitely soured him. Thus starts the bickering and bantering between two lovely individuals Julian and Jade. And of courses Jade is not happy to be dead, so there she goes stomping and marching across the grounds trying to find her murderer.

The Ghosts of Marshley Park is mostly fun with some brilliant twists and turns which came out of nowhere. Though the murderer when unveiled flummoxed me, the journey to the end was like a cart rolling down the hill. The alternate POVs thru Jade and Julian were exciting as the author clearly portrays the difference in the eras thru their thoughts and reactions. It was a fascinating study of contrasts with Julian more laidback and calm while Jade had all that fire and querulous impatient attitude reflecting the times of today.

It was just not the protagonists thou, the other ghosts and supporting characters add their warmth to the story making it a very quick fast paced read. I did wonder how the ending about these adorable ghosts would come about and thankfully the author did provide an exciting climax keeping the romantic in me happy.

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