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RACHEL WILDER had learned in recent weeks that revenge was a strange and consuming passion. It was insidious. It was devious. It did not explode into life; rather, it began as a stray, wistful thought, a fleeting desire that did not quite dissolve, even though one told oneself it was impossible to pursue. It hung around in one’s mind, feeding on other emotions such as frustration and anger, all the while growing larger and more important.

Chance Of A Lifetime- Jayne Ann Krentz

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He was a real pro

There was nothing subtle about security agent Abraham Chance. He didn’t like whiners and he didn’t like weaklings. Rachel Wilder was neither–it took guts to plot against the formidable Mr. Chance.

After he’d wrongly implicated her sister in an embezzlement scam, Rachel decided to do her own sleuthing, posing as his housekeeper. But she’d underestimated her opponent, after all. Not only was Chance on to her deception, he was uncovering a passion in her even more consuming than revenge ….

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