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Rating: 4 out of 5.

First and foremost the book’s title is, I should say, Arresting. For a moment the author made me think of events that happen in our life outside our control that can be either termed as FATE brought upon by GOD or simply believe in DESTINY waiting for us around the corner.

Arthy SL’s Fate or Destiny is a story that on first impression is a rom-com, full of fun and joviality, complete with scenes that cause wild guffaws, inching towards a Happily Ever After scenario. But and it is a BIG BUT here, on deeper reflection, the layers inside the story that the author has skillfully woven become clearer. The subjects that are discussed are varied, there’s mental illness relating to parasomnia and aquaphobia, there’s the philosophy of life all of seeking happiness in one way or other, there’s the trauma after a major calamity, there’s the abuse of orphans being mentioned, there’s a side story of the repercussions faced by someone who is gay, in fact, the author does touch several things and excellently manages to get the reader to sit up and notice. For starters, I had heard about PARASOMNIA but to see how it cripples the life of someone was an eye-opener.

The story set in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been beautifully captured by the author so much that these islands and the tourist spots mentioned have been added to my bucket list and must-do things. Kavin works as a tourist guide but he has set boundaries for his job so that he can function within his abilities and phobias. The fantasy element of a goat guiding him to meet four girls and how each part of the story gives him a chance to find the love of his life forms the crux of the plot. The crossword puzzle at the end of a chapter was quite interesting, the suspense of how the story will progress keeping the reader hooked.

The warmth shared between Kavin and his brother, Leena and her crazy jokes, the subtle love between Kavin and Abhi are all parts of the endearing story. Though that epilogue chapter takes the cake. Wanna play a game, anyone???

Many thanks to the author for the chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Kavin, a tourist guide from Port Blair, Andaman, resides with his brother, Kiran. His obnoxious past leaves a deep scar leading to PTSD with Parasomnia and Aquaphobia. Though his days remain gloomy, he explores a whole new dimension at night due to his Parasomnia. A mysterious goat drives his fantasy world, steering him towards his destiny.
While he tussles to recover from his past, he encounters four girls who flip over his life. Someone who has only endured brutal tyranny witnesses the bright side of humanity. The frozen emotions of a 23-year-old pessimistic, introverted boy come to life only to fail his one desire due to his lack of empathy.
Kavin yearns for a second chance to mend his mistakes. But is it plausible? Will an altered past lead to a different future? Fate or Destiny? Let us read through the story to untangle the knots.

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