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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Long Shadow Of Memory follows The Long Shadow On the Stage with a perfect plotline of amnesia in the story.

This is my first experience with a mystery thriller that is conceptualized as a trilogy and it has to be said that the author Nichole Heydenburg has worked wonders in shaping how the story is formed. If in BOOK #1 we had multiple POVs, here Delia, the police officer who was convinced of Edgar’s hand in the murders of his best friend takes center stage. The debacle of the investigation has led her to give up her cherished job and work as a security officer for her peace of mind but the Jackson Birkman case is not letting her go.

Alternating between Delia’s life and Kevin who wakes up on the sidewalks with no memory of even his name, the story progresses at a rapid pace to see where the lives of these two individuals are gonna intersect.

The Long Shadow of Memory with its intriguing title gives us the background for Edgar, shaping him to be the killer that he turns out to be and a shocking introduction to his parents. The thrilling reveals of his crimes begin soon enough and honestly, one gory scene in the book had me skipping those parts.

I loved Delia, her loving relationship with her mother, her inability to let go of a case that has been haunting her, her friendship with her bestie Becca, it was easily a relatable characterization that a reader can warm up to. Liam, a friend who readily helps Kevin comes across as creepy and I was not wholly convinced about his reasons to throw everything in the air and traveling with Kevin.

The ending was a huge surprise coz I knew there was 3rd book coming up, wasn’t expecting that climax at all. But thumps up to the author for retaining the edgy and terrifying vibe in Edgar that makes one feel that story is far from over.

Many thanks to the author for the chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

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Some secrets are better left buried.

In the sequel to The Long Shadow on the Stage, former Police Officer Delia Wilson returns, this time partnering with private detective Jerry Walden. The duo is determined to apprehend the murderer of Jackson Birkman, but first, they have to find him.

Meanwhile, Kevin wakes up in Mexico suffering from memory loss. After befriending Liam, a charming bartender, he decides to stay in Mexico until he can learn more about his past. As the weeks go by, he grows closer to Liam and thinks his new life is great, but all is not as it seems. Kevin is being haunted by a handsome, dark-haired man with a gunshot wound in his head. With every flashback, he questions if the terrifying memories are real and begins to wonder what terrible things he did in his past. 

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