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Love Is Not Physical But Spiritual In Jazalyn’s Supernatural Romantic Suspense Poetry Novel, Hollow

When one falls in love wants to live the feeling, but what happens if reality doesn’t favor it? Can there be long-lasting and effective romance without possession and even without any previous introduction?

In Jazalyn’s supernatural paranormal fantasy romance “Hollow: A Love Like A Life”, the lovers transform into ghosts, their love transcends the physical dimension and becomes spiritual in order to be experienced.

In “Hollow”, the in-love ghost spirits talk to each other through an abyssal realm and who tells what to whom is left for the reader to identify which creates a mystery and a romantic suspense.

They use a secret language that only their soul can decode and they paradoxically gain sacred energy which provides them with strength and courage to live more sustainably.

The one ghost spirit belongs in light’s universe and the other ghost spirit belongs in the dark’s universe. The two absolute opposites. One of the two has to make the sacrifice to reach the other. But there’s fear of the unknown. So they build their own medium which creates a silent romance.

Book Blurb

A ghost spirit of dark’s universe falls in love with a ghost spirit of light’s universe, and while They cannot meet, They wander around separate realms and spacetimes, They live Their love through a secret and sacred interaction.

They are light years APART.

But there is INVISIBLE possession.

A precious NEED bridges the range.



A distant BOND is created.


Will they ever MEET for REAL?

And in what FORM?

A supernatural paranormal romance poetic novel of mystical and spiritual time travel, epitome of confessional metaphysical and existential love that is seen in space opera.

I prefer the dark
And often I cry
But is it so sad?
You prefer the light
And you smile
But are you happy?

Our eyes see
Different things
But our thoughts
Are aligned
And I’m wondering
Why I love you
When we can’t live
The same life

About The Author

Jazalyn aims to revolutionize poetry with a mixture with prose fiction and combined genres of literature. She has attracted enormous attention on social media where she shares evergreen verses from her sophisticated books and her riddling short stories.

With 150,000+ engagements and 20,000+ followers that grow more and more across 7 social media platforms, Jazalyn is among the most-promising newcomers authors-poets.

Her books have sold in 4 Continents and have been featured on best-seller category-based lists on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon AU.

Jazalyn attracts all cultures and traditions with an audience from all walks and stages of life as a consequence of the universal atmosphere that encircles her themes.

Her innovative and versatile writing style stemming from abstraction and absurdness captivates mystery and suspense with words swimming in surrealism and magical realism.

Her imaginative and inventive narration unites the philosophical with the psychological and the scientific elements of both fantasy and fiction that create and solve riddles and puzzles.

In what results as a contemporary genre of cinematic (epic) poetry in slice of life-vignette expression which provokes thinking and eyes new horizons.

Her latest books vViIrRuUsS, Rose, Hollow signify Jazalyn’s transition towards literary magnificence.

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