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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Book #6 in the Tylers of Texas series by Janet Dailey, Texas Forever was bittersweet. And of course, like always with me, I haven’t read a single book in the series, and looks like I haven’t read any books by the author too even though most of her books are in genres that I devour.

But as the saying goes, better late than never! I didn’t feel like missing much in the story for reading out of order as the author gives an overview of the history that has formed the basis of the story. There’s love and bloodshed in the story which had interesting twists that kept me entertained. I did wish for the romance to be a bit more detailed in the making but no complaints, as the predominant part of the story is the mystery of the murder and the numerous attempts on Erin.

Have no idea what it is about Texas and the ranches that always attract me so, but romance set around the background of a ranch and its workings are definitely a big plus for me!

The one woman he didn’t dare touch …
From the moment Luke Maddox sets eyes on Erin Tyler, he can think of nothing else but laying claim to Rimrock’s reigning beauty. But Erin is his boss’s daughter, and Luke knows Will Tyler has bigger plans for Erin’s future than a rough and tumble ranch hand with a brutal history and a talent for breaking hearts. Still, that can’t stop Luke from wanting her …
The one man she shouldn’t fall in love with …
As Rimrock Ranch’s heir apparent, Erin Tyler is expected to do the right thing, marry the right man, and take the reins of her family’s legacy when the time comes. Which is why she’s completely shaken by her attraction to her father’s latest hire. There’s something about the rugged, solitary stranger that calls to her soul. Is restless, independent Erin just feeling the familiar pull of her rebellious heart? Or is there something real happening between her and Luke? Something worth risking everything for …

“Big, bold, and sexy … Janet Dailey at her best!”
—Kat Martin on Texas True 

“Plenty of intrigue, subplots, twists, and of course, love. Fans and newcomers alike will revel in this ride.”
Publishers Weekly on Texas Tall

“Dailey vividly brings to life the mystique that embodies Texas.”
Texas Tea & Travel on Texas True

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