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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Imagine a scenario where one is just browsing with no time in hands to devote to the long list of books that are begging to be read, but then accidentally stumbles upon a story thread that instantly attracts that no matter what, it just needs to be read and READ NOW!

Castle of The Wolf by Sandra Schwab was exactly that, a book that was picked out of my random perusal of TBRs. Two things immediately attracted me, one it is GOTHIC and second, the plotline of ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

This gothic story set in a village in Germany was definitely interesting but certain parts of it did feel silly and that is why the 3 stars rating. I loved the character of the heroine, Celia who has the spunk and courage to face the wolf in the castle and the absence of any shame in feeling the hots for the guy. I loved how it is her imagination that runs wild when it comes to Fenrir and the love that develops between the two of them was a pleasure to read. However, a returned war hero crying about a lost leg and the various names that Cissy bestows on Fenrir felt childish as it became a little too much than can be considered sweet. The suspense element added a dash of intrigue to the gothic aspect of the story and the small segment of the parts of the castle wall was simply delightful.

A fast-paced gothic romance that is sure to be gobbled by fans of this genre.

Into the Darkness

Celia Fussell’s father is dead, and she is reduced to the status of a poor relation in the house of her brother, the new baron, and his shrewish wife. A life of misery looms ahead.

But, no. There is hope. Deep in the Black Forest, in the Great Duchy of Baden, stands Celia’s inheritance. Among fir trees so dark they almost look black, The Castle of Wolfenbach rises. It is a fortress of solitude, of secrets, of old wounds and older mysteries. But it is hers. And only one thing stands in her way: its former master, the hermit, the enigma . . . the man she is obliged to marry. 

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