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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jo Richardson describes herself as a sarcasm academy with a twisted sense of humor and one has to READ her books to understand what exactly she means by those two bulleted points in her bio. Her writing is crackling with energy, it is not like you walk in the shoes of the protagonist but more like being inside the head of her main character, and truthfully, it is a brilliant place to be. Sarcastic at best with a witty monologue, Summer Job is a quick and easy entertaining read.

Ella Green is on vacation and heaven help anyone who disturbs her much deserved and long awaited R&R. But a workaholic is always a workaholic and of course, being offered crazy money to retrieve a stolen pen drive is not a big deal, isn’t it?

Author Jo Richardson draws Ella with precision, warming up to her is easy with her inner thoughts making the reader laugh at all the wrong places. Imagine smiling away during a scene of the kidnapping, well that is the kind of enthusiastic dynamic the story brings to the table. The romance is appealing, with a hero who has a thing for Bit-O-Honey and is absolutely drool-worthy. The chapter titles are laugh-inducing and for that alone, I would wholeheartedly give this 5 stars.

Summer Job is part of the Summers in seaside series with 13 standalone novels set in Seaside, a small town located along the Oregon Coast, and is a perfect summer beach read!

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Ella Green is looking forward to some time off from her stressful job. Soaking up the sun with her toes in the sand is a hell of a lot less dangerous than chasing down bad guys and dodging bullets on the regular. But when a wealthy resident of the small town she’s ended up in approaches her with a unique problem he’d like her to handle, saying no isn’t as easy as Ella thought it would be.

Will her standard alias and quick wit get the job done and still leave her time to relax?

Or will she have to work a little harder to earn the money this time?

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  1. Have I mentioned how friggin’ awesome you are??? THANK YOU so much for reading and for this fantastic review Rain! So giddy you loved her (and Hunter)!

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