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Blog Tour Day guys for the fantastic The Blackbird by Tim Weaver

I’m a little spider
Watch Me spin
If you’ll be my dinner
I’ll let you come in
Then I will spin my web to
Hold you tight
And gobble you up in
One big bite!

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The Blackbird by Tim Weaver reminded me of this poem. Around 60% into the story as pressure mounts on the search for the missing couple, one can literally feel the creepiness like a spider weaving a web around your head and regardless of the efforts taken to break out of that sticky gluey web, we are still stuck to it. Tim Weaver’s writing is outstanding, and David Raker after 10 books in the series is in his element. After reading another book in the series, I had always wished to read the whole of them in their entirety but so far have been unsuccessful. A pop-up on social media of a new release had me instantly attracted, so obviously was overjoyed in receiving the ARC of The Blackbird, book #11 in the David Raker series, which can easily be read as a stand alone.

David Raker is a missing person investigator and his new case is as bizarre and as weird as it comes. A car has fallen into the ravine and burst into flames but the couple inside the car, Cate and Aiden have vanished without a trace and for two years, the mystery that has baffled one and all has become traumatic for Cate’s parents. David Raker is called in for any lead that would provide some semblance of closure for the grieving family but once the investigation starts, the complexity of the case that unravels for the reader causes a mind-numbing effect. Stretching back 30 years with the discovery of 3 dead bodies in Northumberland and a detective who has never let it go, the missing person’s investigation wounds tighter and tighter and tension escalates to a fever pitch.

The mystery of the murders is intricate and Tim Weaver has layered the story so excellently that the readers are at a loss figuring out this puzzle and pouring oil into the burning fire is David’s hidden secret regarding Colm Healy. David Raker is a wonderful character, he is dogged in his determination to get to the truth heedless of the danger he finds himself in and there is a time when he becomes a fugitive himself hiding from the police, trying to get to the truth and what an astounding reveal it is at the end as the true horror show of the murders comes to plain light.

Brilliant and a must-read for fans of mystery thrillers, Tim Weaver’s The Blackbird is sure to leave your senses reeling.

Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

David Raker is back with another heart-pounding and tense missing persons case. Pre-order the new novel from the Sunday Times bestseller, Tim Weaver, now

Ten seconds before the crash, Cate and Aiden Gascoigne are recorded on CCTV. The couple are laughing – happy, untroubled.

Then their car plunges into a ninety-foot ravine.

The impact should kill them. And if that doesn’t, the fire will. Within seconds, the vehicle is an inferno – with the Gascoignes trapped inside.

But when fire crews arrive at the scene, they find something impossible.

The vehicle is empty.

Cate and Aiden have vanished.

Now only missing persons investigator David Raker can solve the mystery . . .

Praise For The David Raker Series:

‘Terrific’ Sunday Times

‘Packed with twists’ Daily Express

‘What a talent’ Daily Mail

‘Impressive’ Guardian

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