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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kay Hooper’s Rebel Waltz was first released in 1986, so it was fairly guessable the kind of storyline this book may have and its appeal for me. But Rebel Waltz was chosen simply coz it had only 5 + hours of audio and as my attempts at audiobooks have been unsuccessful for most parts, here I am with my umpteenth attempt.

I know 5+ hours of audio in 9 days is not an achievement but I am happy that I did complete the audio file. Rebel Waltz is an easy read book, the kind which doesn’t create any goosebumps or give any adrenaline high. The romance is sweet and predictable, the ghosts from whom I had expected some elements of thrill were all friendly and kind of superficial to the story, not adding anything valuable to the plot.

Lyssa Browne’s narration though was excellent, the charm of the southern plantation evoking a feel of Gone With the Wind with the author herself mentioning Scarlett and Rhett repeatedly with reference to the central characters Banner and Rory.


New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper tells a timelessly seductive tale of a romance touched by the paranormal and of a woman who opens a door to the unknown and finds a stranger with an irresistible invitation….

With its antebellum setting and gallant history, Jasmine Hall was more than just a business for Banner Clairmont. The lovingly preserved plantation-era inn had been home to the Clairmont family for generations. But the realities of modern real-estate had made it time to sell even the most priceless treasures. So it was hardly with a great deal of enthusiasm that Banner led real-estate speculator Rory Stewart around the property. How could this stranger—whose southern charm and universal good looks made it impossible to entirely distrust him—have any idea of Jasmine Hall’s true value? Yet what was Banner to make of the fact that Rory had seen the ghosts that never showed themselves to outsiders? Was he destined not only to save the Hall but to live there? Was his fate entangled with hers? Or was she banking too much on an old family legend … and wishful thinking? 

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